SBC Summit Barcelona 2024: The Global iGaming Industry’s Premier Event


SBC Summit Barcelona 2024

The SBC Summit Barcelona 2024 is poised to be the pinnacle event for the iGaming industry this year, scheduled for September 24th to 26th at the prestigious Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc. This global summit aims to bring together prominent leaders and decision-makers from across the world to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges that the industry faces today. By attending, participants will engage in detailed discussions and learn from a comprehensive program that encompasses a variety of pertinent topics such as online casinos, payments, compliance, marketing, and responsible gaming. The program will feature in-depth presentations, panel discussions, and workshops led by esteemed experts.

Keynote Speakers and Networking Opportunities

A standout feature of the summit is the participation of renowned leaders and visionaries from the iGaming community, who will deliver keynote speeches sharing their valuable insights and forward-looking views on the industry’s direction. Additionally, the summit offers unmatched opportunities for networking, allowing attendees to connect with peers, potential partners, and investors through dedicated networking sessions, social events, and a vibrant exhibition floor designed to foster business collaborations.

Exhibition Showcase

The exhibition component of the summit will highlight cutting-edge technologies and the latest products, services, and innovations from leading providers in the iGaming space. Attendees will have the chance to engage with a diverse group of exhibitors, including operators, suppliers, affiliates, and service providers, enhancing their understanding of new products and solutions that can advance their operations.

Attending the SBC Summit Barcelona 2024 provides numerous benefits, including staying informed about the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. It offers a unique platform to network with industry leaders and discover new business opportunities through potential partnerships and investments. Moreover, the event also allows participants to experience the vibrant culture, history, and cuisine of Barcelona, adding a memorable dimension to their visit.

For those interested in attending the SBC Summit Barcelona 2024, more detailed information about registration, the conference agenda, and a list of exhibitors can be found on the official website:

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